Iran Says Won’t Accept Any Limitations On Missile Program


(RFE/RL) — Iran will not accept any limitations on its missile program, Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan said on December 16 after United Nations experts concluded Tehran had violated UN missile sanctions.

“We tested Emad to show the world that the Islamic Republic will only act based on its national interests and no country or power can impose its will on us,” Dehghan said on the ministry’s website.

Dehghan called Emad a “conventional missile,” repeating Iran’s contention that the missile was not designed to carry nuclear weapons and Iran does not intend to use it that way.

“Since the nuclear deal we have not stopped our [missile] tests, production and research even for a day, an hour or a second,” he added.

Iran insists a missile must be specifically “designed” to carry a nuclear payload, not simply “capable of” doing so, to be in violation of Security Council Resolution 1929, which prohibits Tehran from launching ballistic missiles that can deliver nuclear weapons.

The Council’s panel of experts on Iran determined otherwise, however, concluding that Iran’s October 10 missile test violated the resolution.

The United States has vowed to push for enforcement of the sanctions, along with Britain, Germany, and France. Russia and China have been reluctant to enforce the missile sanctions, however.

Most U.S. Republican senators on December 16 cited the UN report finding Iran in violation as evidence of Iran’s “blatant disregard” for international obligations and said the United States should not lift economic sanction on Tehran next year as called for under a July nuclear agreement with world powers.

“It is a mistake to treat Iran’s ballistic missile program as separate from Iran’s nuclear program,” 36 of the U.S. Senate’s 54 Republicans said in a letter to President Barack Obama.

The senators said the ballistic missiles Iran is testing will enhance Tehran’s ability to target Israel and U.S. troops in the region. Iran has one of the largest missile programs in the Middle East.


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One thought on “Iran Says Won’t Accept Any Limitations On Missile Program

  • December 17, 2015 at 6:43 am

    Islamist Iran knows that as long as Obama will be in power they will do whatever they want.
    The tragedy is that the western politicians refuse to understand that their way of thinking and acting is not Islamist Iran way.
    Islamist Iran acts is line with their Shia supremacy ideology.
    They play with the west a clever chess game while the western play golf (Obama).
    In chess game you have to plan many moves in advance, masking your strategy so that the opened will not understand your long plan.
    While in golf you hit the ball hopping for a good shut.
    Islamist Iran managed to sign a NUK deal does not stop them to build a missile infrastructure reaching London and beyond, continue their expansion in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen – Supporting terrorist networks in listed 42 countries—and develop NUK know haw.
    When the NUK agreement will expire Islamist Iran geopolitical ambitions will be strongly established.
    Islamist Iran will be ready for their second step in their geopolitical plan: imposing Islamist Iran Shia ”
    Remember that Islamist Iran is the only country in the entire world with a constitution including:
    ***”This century will witness the establishment of a universal holy government and the downfall of all others”*****
    Googe search- Islamic Iran constitution

    The western leaders recognized that when the deal will expire Islamist Iran will be able to complete the NUK bomb is a very short time.
    But unlike today Islamist Iran will have the lunching capabilities in place.
    Western leaders rushing to Islamist Iran for economic advantages prove that Arabs and Islamist Iran know perfectly their corrupted soul.


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