Temporary JCPOA Agreement And The Cat-And-Mouse Game Of Iranian Government – OpEd


The temporary agreement regarding the Iranian government’s nuclear program, is a mirage that the Iranian regime, the media, and its accomplices are heavily promoting these days; But the official news from the Western parties shows that this is another lie like the other lies of the Iranian government; But what is the purpose of their action?

There is no doubt that now that Khamenei and Raisi have formed a single-base government, they have resorted to any pretext to fabricate an achievement for Khamenei’s “young and Hezbollah government”.

From begging China to facilitate and improve Mullahs’ regime relations, Saudi Arabia has a show-off and in-your-face moment in front of the United States, while a few years have passed since the 25-year contract between the Iranian government and China, because of the sanctions, China is not ready to cooperate in any field with the Iranian regime, too,  the mediation of the Sultan of Oman to exchange hostages and foreign citizens with the Mullahs’ regime terrorists all of which show that Khamenei’s need to legitimize his appointed government has reached its maximum.

Meanwhile, while the coffin of JCPOA has been weighing heavily on the shoulders of its mourners for months!, and align with Khamenei’s desperate need to be freed from the burden of the back-breaking US sanctions, the propaganda engine and lobby of Mullahs’ regime, nonstop, have been trying to pretend that in recent months and weeks Negotiations gas been going on behind the scenes to reach a temporary nuclear agreement with the US.

This has even progressed to the point where the matter is beyond speculation and rumor, and some news and diplomatic sources report that a temporary agreement will be reached soon!

Middle East Eye news website on Thursday, June 8, 2023, citing anonymous sources close to the negotiations! reported that the government of Iran and the United States are close to reaching an interim agreement, which is based on the government of Iran reducing its uranium enrichment in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.

This website claimed that in this regard, Robert Mali, the representative of the US of Iran affairs, had a meeting and discussion with Irvani, the Iranian government’s ambassador to United Nations.

According to this report, the government of Iran has pledged to suspend its 60% enrichment activities and cooperate with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in return Iranian government will be able to sell one million barrels of oil per day and gain access to its blocked assets in foreign countries.

A temporary agreement in the heavens and realities on earth

But behind this propaganda and the infernal machine that has been launched for the aforementioned purpose, the realities on Earth are completely different.

Even though there should be no doubt that Joe Biden’s administration has been seeking to appease Tehran’s mullahs in the most acute and chronic way and has adopted maximum softness towards Tehran, this is not the whole story and the US government clearly rejects any temporary agreement with the Mullahs of Tehran.

On Thursday, June 8, 2023, a spokesperson of the US State Department rejected any temporary agreement with Tehran’s mullahs regarding Iran’s nuclear program and called it “false and misleading”.

While rejecting the report of the Middle East Eye news website, he added that any report about reaching a temporary agreement is false.

He also referred to the words of Vedant Patel, the deputy spokesperson of the US State Department, who said that the State Department does answer rumors or leaked conversations, which, of course, tend to be false and misleading!

In the midst of this, we should not ignore the deception and media games of the Iranian government, in a situation where once again whispers to activate the trigger Snapback mechanism have increased among European countries and also in the US Congress, the Iranian government intends to use these media deceptions to blunt the will for triggering the snapback and divert the mind from it, therefore, Mullahs’ regime uses all the tools and may even use some western media for its purpose.

Hassan Mahmoudi

Hassan Mahmoudi is a human rights advocate and Social Media journalist seeking democracy for Iran and peace for the region.

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