Egypt: Three Die In Cairo As Military Junta Blames Protesters


Egyptian troops swept through Cairo’s Tahrir Square early Monday and opened fire on protesters demanding an immediate end to military rule. The Health Ministry said at least three people died, bringing the death toll since Friday to 14.

Meanwhile, a member of the ruling military junta on Monday defended the use of force against protesters, arguing that the events since Friday amounted to what he called an attempt to “topple the state.” He slammed the media’s coverage of the violence.

“There is a methodical and prepared plot to topple the state, but Egypt will not fall,” said Maj. Gen. Adel Emara. According to him, the armed and security forces had a duty to protect the nation’s facilities.

“What are we supposed to do when protesters break the law? Should we invite people from abroad to govern our nation?” asked Emara. He added an investigation into the clashes and the media’s coverage of them was under way.

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