3,500 Armenians From West Encouraged To Move To Armenia


To mark the 20th anniversary of independence, a new project has been initiated, encouraging 3,500 Armenians from the West to move to Armenia.

With a history spanning 3,500 years, an influx of that many westerners would give Armenia a boost both in terms of economy and morale. Due to the slower pace of life, the rich cultural scene, the much lower cost of living in Armenia, and the relative affluence of many Armenians from the West, most Westerners making the move to today’s Republic of Armenia or the Republic of Mountainous Karabakh would experience a much better quality of life, Armenia3500 Project said in a statement.

Tens of thousands of Armenians have moved to Armenia in the past two decades from the Middle East, and now it’s time for Westerners to make the move on a larger scale. The hundreds of Armenians from the West currently living in Armenia and Karabakh need to grow exponentially into thousands, it said.

Assuming each Armenian from the West brings an average of US$ 50,000 with them to their homeland to buy homes, invest in businesses and to simply live, the total sum that the 3,500 bring would equal US$ 175 million. In addition, the knowledge of western practices, organizations, businesses and individuals would allow new opportunities for business and export, it said.


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