South Africa Backs Efforts To Stabilise Libya


By Francis Hweshe

Following the recognition of Libya’s rebel-led National Transitional Council (NTC), South Africa, through the AU Ad Hoc Committee, remained ready to offer “its full support” to the overall efforts to stabilise the North African country, promote democracy and reconstruction.

Briefing the media on Wednesday, International Relations and Cooperation Deputy Minister Marius Fransman reiterated SA’s commitment to work with the UN, Arab League of States, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, the EU and Nato to “ensure a coordinated support to the Libyan people.”

On Tuesday the AU, which had previously not recognised the NTC, said it now accepted the organisation as the “representative of the Libyan people.”

“Accordingly, the South African government recognises the NTC as the representative of the Libyan people as they form an all-inclusive transitional government that will occupy the Libyan seat at the AU,” he said.

Fransman said the AU called “Libyan stakeholders to form an all-inclusive transitional government” that would work towards the promotion of national unity, reconciliation and democracy.

The AU had also urged the NTC to “protect all foreign workers, including AU workers,” the deputy minister said.

On September 5, the NTC leadership wrote a letter to the AU, committing to “the African continent,” prioritising national unity and bringing “together all Libyan stakeholders without exception” to rebuild the country.

Meanwhile, some reports indicate that Libya’s interim Prime Minister Mahmud Jibril sought to announce a formal government in the next 10 days.

Despite taking control of Tripoli, rebel forces still face resistance in Sirte and Bani Walid, which are Gaddafi strongholds.

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