UN Calls For Common Fight Against Islamic State, Cameron Pushes For Airstrikes


The United Nations security council has called on all able states to join the fight against Islamic State militants as it agreed to intensify efforts against IS forces in the wake of last Friday’s Paris terror attacks.

On the same day it was confirmed the death toll from the attacks had risen to 130 the council unanimously adopted a resolution drafted by France meaning a redoubling of efforts to prevent further attacks by the group who the UN agreed represent “a global and unprecedented threat to international peace and security”.

The resolution calls on all countries to use “all necessary measures” against Islamic State in a move that paves the way for future military action.

It is believed the UN vote in support of France could add weight to Prime Minister David Cameron’s push to persuade MPs to back British airstrikes in a Commons vote.

Cameron said the UN’s decision was an “important moment” that showed “the world has united against ISIL”.

“The international community has come together and has resolved to defeat this evil, which threatens people of every country and every religion. The United Nations Security Council has unanimously backed action against this evil death cult in both Syria and Iraq. It has also reiterated its determination to secure a political solution to the conflict in Syria. Today’s vote shows beyond doubt the breadth of international support for doing more in Syria and for decisive action to eradicate ISIL. Britain will continue to support our allies who are fighting ISIL in Syria.

“I will continue to make the case for us to do more and to build support in Parliament for the action that I believe is necessary for Britain to take to protect our own security, as part of a determined international strategy. We cannot expect others to shoulder the burdens and the risks of protecting this country,” the British Prime Minister said.

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