Venezuelan Presidential Candidates Pledge To Respect July 28 Election Results


On June 20, at the National Electoral Council of Venezuela, eight presidential candidates signed the “Agreement for the Recognition of the Results of the Presidential Election of July 28, 2024.” The document is intended to legitimize the upcoming presidential elections in the South American country amid attacks and accusations of fraud from U.S. mainstream media and U.S. elected officials.

The document was signed by almost all the presidential candidates. In the “Agreement of Recognition of the Results” the candidates pledge to respect the laws of the electoral process, to recognize the Electoral Power as the only legitimate electoral institution of the country, to respect the electoral results of July 28, 2024 in accordance with the Barbados and Caracas Agreements, to participate in the electoral process in a peaceful and respectful manner during and after the electoral campaign, to request the recognition of the elections by all countries of the world, to request the end of economic and political sanctions against the Venezuelan people, to guarantee the respect of human rights and the rule of law in force, to reject and denounce any type of financing from national and international illicit actions, and to promise fidelity to Venezuelan democracy and its institutional order.

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