Cricket: Women WC 2017, Official Match Fixings, Gambling, Money Laundering And Betrayal – OpEd


Cricket is a major gambling venue, being promoted by the corporate corrupt regimes. Official fixings help the batboys and girls to make fake records immorally and illegally. At times, some teams get cheated and betrayed too. But such nefarious issues are never discussed in public. Like the corrupt regimes engaged in gambling, etc, that are officially protected and defended by the corporate governments, the cricket frauds with bats and balls are also sufficiently protected by the cricket governments and their judges.

Indian sports: Bogus IPL records for Padma/President’s awards

In cricket all records and rankings are bogus. IPL it is worst as the run rate should be above 8 runs per per minimum and individual batboy should be given maximum 4s and 6s so that they get 50s and 100 within the stipulated 29 overs.

In IPL the most important teams should be Mumbai Indians team of Sachin so all teams should help that poor team according to the specifications of BCCI.

On April 20, the Punjab team faced great Mumbai team in the formula was to let Mumbai win and come to the top of the points table. But unfortunately, Punjab made about 200 runs with Amla getting 100 runs as his record. But the Punjab bowlers have been pressured by BCCI to let Mumbai win by huge runs in 4s and 6s and the process is on. They want to belittle the Amla’s 100. That is it. So nasty.
Did Australia play for India or has India betrayed an ally in match fixing?

Recently, the cricket team of Australia, the so-called “defending champions”, apparently accepted its defeat at the hand of a weak Indian women team.

As before Australia bowled to belittle the bowling and fielding boys and glorify Indian batgirls, just like the men cricket uniforms do.

It looks Australian girls in yellow had come to the field to let Indian shine and win as per the decision of cricket mafias that are engaged getting Indian national awards and money for cricket girls.

Or, did India betray Australian expectations of return favors form Indians for full hundred and 50s to Indian batgirls. Earlier, similar situation occurred as Indian girls bated first and got good grades in runs from the champions in yellows but Indian bowling girls let Australians win so that Indian could repeat the show later for semi-finals

That seems to have happened and India betrayed Australians. Maybe India paid huge money to Australians for these great services to Indians.

Amazingly, both boys and girls in cricket play mischief and let the batgirls shine with big runs and huge totals. They are being trained by the same teams that offer pro-baiting advise.

Now the final is going to be played where England has the upper hand but one is not sure what they have decided. Maybe they might even have a mind to make Indians shine as per the decision made among the cricket allies led by India.

In cricket, like in real sports, and international politics, Pakistan is being targeted. Pakistani girls are weak but these so-called big teams have joined hands to defeat Pakistan. They are deadly annoyed that their efforts t makes India shine recently failed and Pakistani boys won the ICC world title.

However, if England’s girls play for UK, India would end up with utter disappointment, surely.
Since the “defending champions”, Australia allowed Indian girls win the semi-final by offering big score that ASS batgirls would find extremely difficult to chase down- and indeed that happened- now England would also like to polish cricket boots from India, a close ally in both terrorism and cricketism, as a favor, of course, for useful return favors in cash.

Cricket nations have no shame as they want only their batboys and now he batgirls to get 100s and 50s for money and national awards.

If a team has decided to lose, then, it would be very easy. It is easier to lose than to win. The “losing” tam would just do the performance as a mere formality. If, thus, England has already given a world to India to help poor Indians then the English girls can do work very well. They are well versed in it. Their batgirls would throw away their bats and with ball the bowlers would just offer big score with quick 4s and 6s , of course after a brief time of tough bowling to fool the public.

The final match has just begun and England decided to bat first and has already lost 3 prime wickets. Indian bowlers are not offering their former rulers enough 4s and 6s. However, English team is much better than any other team and can overcome every obstacle to win the finals. But then… Wait. It could be a usual drama of cricketers.

A few hours would let us know if cricket is total mischief and India world force UK through the diplomatic and money-mafia channels to to let Indian cricket girls also get Bharatratana awards, as Tendulkar and Co had been promoted by Congress government and other political leaders, celebrities, corporate lords, big guys, etc.

Here, one does not know if the Indian payers also have to share the burden of mafia payments by the cricket board.

Will England win or let India win is the trillion dollar question that only the UK Premier May could only answer.

Post tournament report

The English team eventually became the winner of the Women WC 2017 entertainment that took place in England.

The unexpected English win was another tragedy for India which had very recently lost ICC Men’s Cup to Pakistan, and was ready to eat the WC cake.

The WC cake was snatched by the good-smart looking London girls from hands of innocently looking Indian girls and English girls enjoyed it all by themselves, leaving only the empty box.

Shrubsole gave England their first breakthrough, nipping one back off the seam to bowl the left-handed, and thoroughly out-of-sorts, Smriti Mandhana through the gate. Then Mithali Raj came in and played two gorgeously timed square drives that suggested the pitch – which had belied its grassy look and turned out slow and decidedly low – was beginning to get easier to bat on than at any point during England’s innings. Giving up prematurely, she slowed down and ended up yards out when a sprint and dive could have saved her.

But India is too happy that the English bowling girds- just like their male players do- were very considerate to offer two big 50s to Indian girls and one was almost at 100 when she los their wicket at LBW and then onwards India began losing wickets and the game, making the hosts feel very happy.

And bit by bit, India let slip a chase that was in their control for most part. A third-wicket partnership of 95 between Punam Raut and Harmanpreet Kaur had brought the equation down to 91 off 100 balls

Then Veda Krishnamurthy, who had lived on the line between enterprise and recklessness in scoring 35 at over a run a ball, slogged at Shrubsole and holed out when India needed 29 off 33. The gates were wide open, and Shrubsole stormed through, yorking Jhulan Goswami two balls later to tilt the match decisively England’s way.

The gap between balls remaining and runs required narrowed, and the pressure began to tell on India as soon as Kaur fell. Verma’s promotion, Krishnamurthy’s slog, and Shikha Pandey’s run-out – when she and Deepti had brought the equation down to 11 off 16 with three wickets left – were consequences of this pressure. It all added up to India losing their last seven wickets for 28 runs.

Yet, English bowlers won the title for England. With India needing 10 to win with their last pair at the crease, Shrubsole gestured to her team-mates to calm down when Jenny Gunn put down a sitter, off her bowling, at mid-off. Shrubsole had no doubt the wicket ball would come, soon, and off her own bowling. She ran in again, knocked back Gayakwad’s off stump, and finished with the best ever figures in a Women’s World Cup final: 6 for 46.

While English girls celebrated, Indians were in tears and pains as they nearly missed the CUP and ice cream.

England has apparently kept its promise of offering good runs to at least two girls and that is why when the top player Mithali unluckily lost her wicket without any runs, the English bowlers began offering runs to another girl Raut up to 86 runs and Kaur 51.runs. That is just like men do.

A transformative World Cup for women’s cricket ended with the final it in face did not deserve as both the bowlers and batgirls did not do their job. But a near full-house at Lord’s, a tense finish, and every imaginable thrill and spill as per cricket drama. In the end, of all the heroes of an overcast and occasionally drizzly day, it was Anya Shrubsole who stood tallest.

In fact, Indian girls had spins that worked well for India while England doesn’t have any spin bowlers and any real good seamers. They offer big runs in 4s and 6s.

It is indeed understandable that the same coaches training both men and women ask the players to promote batters so that they could snatch national awards meant for sports peole. They argue if bat boys and girls are not offered e good marks by bowlers there won’t be anyone to watch the games.

Do the spectators come to see only the batboys and their manipulated 4s and 6s and fake scores?

Why should even Arab Muslims now resort to cricket? They also are interested in fake records and 100s and 50s as gifts. On pressure from cricket nations like Pakistan, England, India, Australia, etc, Arab nations are going in a big way to mint black cash and illegal wealth! Better, Arabs begin killing and taking away the belongings of others instead of playing cricket and make easy black money.

Nothing is real in cricket, except gambling. Fortunately, Olympic Committee does not recognize cricket as a genuine sport or even real entertainment. All cricket countries led by UK, India Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc have being pushing the Olympic committee members to consider cricket as sport, however. Cricketers and their nations refuse to reform cricket rules to make the pitch natural and rules in favor of bowlers who continue to suffer on the fields and without being able to complain to anyone, revealing whole truth of fixings. The way they jump to the sky and down earth like wounded monkeys makes the matter amply clear that batboys are supposed to enjoy while the bowlers must help the batters with good score for awards and money.
The cricket girls, when they won the semi-final by defeating the defending champions, have been assured of big cash by BCCI. In fact, PM Modi and even the new President would have pledged more cash for the cricketers for their “historic” victory had they won the title. Apparently, the PMO office was drafting a nicely worded congratulatory message to BCCI and the innocent looking girls hoping to get the title. But the draft lies a waste over there.

Unlucky women!

Shame, on cricket!

Dr. Abdul Ruff

Dr. Abdul Ruff is a columnist contributing articles to many newspapers and journals on world politics. He is an expert on Mideast affairs, as well as a chronicler of foreign occupations and freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.). Dr. Ruff is a specialist on state terrorism, the Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA), commentator on world affairs and sport fixings, and a former university teacher. He is the author of various eBooks/books and editor for INTERNATIONAL OPINION and editor for FOREIGN POLICY ISSUES; Palestine Times.

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