Iraq: Car Bomb Kills Two Army Generals


A suicide bomber in a car-bomb killed two Iraqi army generals this morning north of the Al Anbar provincial capital Ramadi.

The bomber killed the deputy head of the Anbar Operations Command, Staff Major General Abdulrahman Abu Raghif, and 10th Division commander Staff Brigadier General Safin Abdulmajid. The attack took place in Al Jaraishi suburb, north of Ramadi, seized by the Islamic State (IS) Jihadists last May.

The loss of the city dealt a hard blow to the armed forces in the offensive underway since June 2014 against IS. Since then, backed by the US-led international coalition, the Iraqi troops have managed to regain ground. But the Al Anbar province, which borders with Syria where IS controls a large portion of territory, remains out of the army’s control.


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