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Melbourne Named World’s Most Liveable City, Again


Melbourne has topped The Economist’s liveability rankings for a fifth consecutive year.


But planning experts have warned that, while the liveability rankings were “marketing nirvana”, they were meaningless for much of Melbourne, and got in the way of improving the city.

And a social services group said the ranking failed to recognise the growing disparity between those rich enough to live where good jobs and services were, and those in areas of high unemployment, poor transport and entrenched disadvantage.

Australian cities were found to be “a relative picture of stability”, while 20 per cent of the cities surveyed by The Economist magazine’s Intelligence Unit experienced declines in liveability over the past year.

Melbourne was ranked the world’s most liveable city, Adelaide fifth, Sydney seventh, Perth eighth and Brisbane 18th. None of these cities saw their ranks change in this year’s report.

The most liveable cities in the world were Melbourne, Vienna, Vancouver, Toronto, Adelaide and Calgary.


To the cities not on the list, don’t give up, better luck next year.


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