An Incredible Liar: Post-Modernism And The Presidency – OpEd


Women are paid 77 percent of what men are paid for the same job. Michael Brown was executed in cold blood. Donald Trump was wiretapped.

All lies, all made up to spread an agenda, reflections of a post-modern, reality-denying trend in the United States and the West. This trend is particularly attributed to academia, activism, and now, especially now, to politicians and the president.

Time‘s cover piece “Is Truth Dead?” includes some incredible quotes:

“I’m a very instinctual person, but my instinct turns out to be right,” Trump told TIME two days later, in a 20-minute phone interview from the Oval Office. The testimony, in other words, had not fazed him at all. He was still convinced he would be proved right. “I have articles saying it happened.”

“When I said ‘wire tapping,’ it was in quotes,” he said.

Read the full article.

Meanwhile, at Areo Magazine, I add more examples of unhinged lies from Trump:

Want to talk about ignoring facts for the purpose of serving a pre-existing agenda? At Trump’s February press conference, he claimed to have won the largest electoral college victory since Ronald Reagan in 1984. He won 306. Obama won 332 in the last election and 365 the election before that. That’s something you can check on Google. You don’t even need to do a survey on that.

Add that to, “I had the largest inauguration crowd ever,” “3 million people voted illegally,” and “the Bowling Green terrorist attack was ignored.”

As I wrote in the intro:

There is a group of people who are constantly offended. They detest objective reality. Instead, they make their judgments on the basis of feelings, not facts. Their unhinged behavior is destroying civic discourse in America.

I am speaking, of course, of Donald Trump and the Republican establishment. While many conservative social critics train their fire on liberal social justice warriors, Trump more perfectly embodies the very things they (rightly) rail against.

Full article: Why Trump is a Bigger Threat to Liberal Values Than Political Correctness

Take the distinction between “Trump” and “Political Correctness” with a grain of salt: It was useful to contrast two things for the purposes of a headline. I have previously written Trump is the SJW candidate.

This article was published at Bombs and Dollars

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