Mexico: Drug Traffickers Threaten Schools


Posters with messages similar to those signed by drug cartels have appeared in several centers in the vicinity of Monterrey with threats of attacks on schools in three communities. A similar event had happened in August in Acapulco in the south-west, forcing local authorities to close 140 schools, which should reopen next Monday.

The administration of Santiago, one of the municipalities where the posters have been identified, ordered the strengthening of security measures around the schools, urging parents to continue to send their children to class. It is well know that ’narcos’ gangs operate in the area of Monterrey, where the president of the council was killed in 2010.

Once considered a quiet location, the weekend destination for residents in Monterrey with its picturesque streets, colonial-style, Santiago has become one of main areas of operation for the ’Zetas’, one of the most violent gangs in the Mexico.

However, according to recent news, the ‘Zetas’ now have a new foe, born in the south, in Veracruz, where last week 35 bodies had been abandoned on a city street.

The self-styled group called ’Mata Zetas’ (Zeta Killers) claimed responsibility for the group in a video, in which the new group promises to make a clean sweep of the dreaded ‘narcos’.


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