Unique Norwegian Processor Chip


Tiny radar transceivers that are extremely fast, highly precise, and run on very low power are making the Norwegian company Novelda stand out on the global market.

“Actually, we are the only ones who have succeeded in developing radar transceivers like these,” says Dag T. Wisland, CEO of Novelda AS.

With just 20 employees, Novelda develops high-performance nano-electronics that pave the way for new, advanced radar technology.

Although the company is small, its technology is absolutely cutting-edge. Novelda’s silicon chips, which measure just 2 x 2 mm, have made an international breakthrough. Each chip contains nearly two million transistors and 512 radars that simultaneously sense and transmit information.

Unlike conventional radar devices, which must be placed some metres away from the object to be measured, Novelda’s can be located directly on the object. This capability opens up opportunities for product development with all sorts of exciting applications.

“We have customers located all over the world who are developing applications based on our technology,” explains Chief Marketing Officer Aage Kalsæg. “In the health care sector alone, our sensors are used in solutions being developed for monitoring heart rate, taking wireless ECG readings, and measuring fluid in the lungs.”

“Some of the other exciting development projects are snow depth radars that combine GPS with water content measurement, as well as radars that can penetrate walls and rubble and find people trapped in collapsed buildings. The possibilities are endless.”

Intensive R&D is crucial

Novelda’s path – from start-up company in 2004 to technological market leader – has been an arduous one. Continuity in research is a critical element of the company’s success. NOVELDA has received public funding from the Research Council of Norway and its programmes such as User-driven Research-based Innovation (BIA) and Core Competence and Growth in ICT (VERDIKT), as well as with EUREKA’s Eurostars Programme with its funding and support specifically dedicated to SMEs.

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