More Sanctions Against Eritrea


New sanctions against Eritrea have been adopted following a meeting of the Security Council convened by Kenya and Ethiopia. The two countries accuse the regime of Isaias Afewerky of supporting, logistically and financially, the armed insurrection in Somalia.

The resolution provides for an extension of the already existing restrictions and the freezing of assets held abroad by leading figures of the establishment of Eritrea, accused in the document to “promote the destabilization of some internal states, through support for armed terrorist groups”.

Adopted by a majority of 13 votes to 15 (China and Russia abstained), the text refers to an attack ordered by the government in Asmara that was intended to target an African Union Summit held in Addis Ababa last January. The plan was revealed by the Somalia/Eritrea monitoring group in July.

During a videoconference link from Addis Ababa, Somali President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed condemned the logistical and financial support provided by Eritrea to the ‘Al Shabaab’ insurgents “by sea, land and air.” No Eritrean leaders spoke at the meeting, after a delay in the delivery of visas by U.S. authorities has prevented – as reported by the Embassy of Eritrea – President Afewerki to attened the Forum in person.

Eritrea – which gained independence from Addis Ababa in 1993 – has always rejected all the accusations against it.


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