India: A Rogue Police State – OpEd


Civilian killings are routine practice and policy of the Indian Police State. On June 4, the Indian Police State fired upon unarmed Sikh protesters and cold-bloodily murdered an innocent Sikh. As Sikhs remember 31st anniversary of civilians being brutally slaughtered by Indian Army during the Operation Bluestar pogroms, Indian Police State removed posters in remembrance of Operation Bluestar pogrom.

The Turks announced the genocide of Armenians by declaring Armenian civilians as legitimate military targets. During the Operation Bluestar pogrom, the India Army also specifically made civilian places belonging to Sikhs across the State of Punjab as legitimate military targets, in violation of international law.

Sikhs hardly have the right to even peacefully remember their history. Trampling on the right of Sikhs to remember the genocidal assault, the rogue Indian Police removed posters commemorating the remembrance of Operation Bluestar pogrom depicting the picture of many like Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale who fought against the Indian Army’s unprovoked slaughter of civilians. A rogue Police Officer was attacked by protesters for illegally removing the posters. During the protesters, unarmed protesters were fired upon by Indian Police State with AK-47s and other military grade weapons, killing one. The senseless firing of unarmed protesters and cold-blooded murder of a Sikh indicates the functionality of the Indian Police State as dedicated mass-murderers and brutal occupiers.

It is criminal to fire upon protesters in civilized world however, in India, Sikhs are routinely fired upon by ruthless Police. No charges were filed against the rogue Police. No condolences or remorse was shown by the rogue Police State over the death of a civilian. Blood money of Rs. five hundred thousand is being officered to the members of the slain victim.

Historically, India Police State holds a bloodcurdling record against Sikhs and other minorities. Sikhs and other minorities have endured mass disappearances, extermination, torture and rape under the Indian Police State regime. Over the last at least 30 years, the autocratic Police State regime has jailed thousands of Sikhs without trial and due process. International law is violated and crimes against humanity continue under a noxious ideology of Hindu Authoritarianism.

The murder of another innocent Sikh is a glaring example how the fascist Indian Police State treats its minority citizens. As a consistent violator of international law, the Indian Police State has now become a criminal entity, with callous regards towards human life- the one which deliberately practices crimes against minority citizens under the fraudulent pretension of “Policing.”

Harmeet Singh

Harmeet Singh is a contributor to Eurasia Review and a Scientist living in Chicago, IL

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