Indra Successfully Tests Technology To Manage Clean And Ecological Vehicles Of Brisbane Metro In Australia


The most advanced public transport management technology is being implemented and tested in Australia for Brisbane Metro’s new green and clean BRT vehicles, after a successful pilot carried out by Indra, enabling Brisbane City Council to validate the final design of the solution and work together on it with the company.

The Brisbane Metro project will transform Brisbane’s mobility, improve accessibility, reduce congestion and increase the use of public transport in Australia’s third most populous city, which will host the 2032 Olympic Games. Brisbane Metro will operate along 21 kilometers of existing and upgraded busway, using 100% electric vehicles, with the capacity to carry a large number of passengers and operate a high-frequency service. 

The pilot, implemented by Indra in a test environment in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud in which different microservices have been deployed, has validated with real data the core solution functions for the operator, the operation of all the equipment on board the vehicles and the integration with selected external systems.

The implemented technological platform is based on Indra’s In-Mova Transit solution, which offers an overview of the entire transport ecosystem in terms of service level (punctuality, regulation, quality and compliance) and the state of the traffic and station infrastructure. It provides all the tools required for the operation of the transport service in real time, including business analytics techniques to optimize and improve quality. 

«We are very proud to add this powerful and sophisticated self-developed cloud platform to Brisbane’s green mobility. Technology is playing a key role in the transformation of the mobility sector and will play an even bigger role in the coming years. As a technology engineering company and as one of the world’s most sustainable companies in our sector, Indra is driving this more sustainable, collaborative, safe and efficient mobility through innovative solutions that incorporate the latest digital technologies and bring intelligence to management», said José Vicente de los Mozos, CEO of Indra.

Berta Barrero, senior vice president of Indra’s Mobility business declared: «Brisbane Metro is an example of future mobility, sustainability, safety, efficiency and cutting-edge technology. Based on a large amount of data extracted from different sources, our solution offers a global vision and management of the service that allows it to be completely geared towards the citizen, thereby offering a better experience. The technology we’ve integrated and the state-of-the-art, scalable and high-performance architecture optimize resources and offer extremely high operational efficiency and energy consumption control. It’s also ready for multi-modal and multi-fleet management, as a result of which it will offer Brisbane City Council the chance to extend the use of the system to other vehicles in its public transport network.”

Integrated mobility platform

Indra has worked with SYSTRA, its local partner, on the development of the training plan, analyzing the needs of the different types of users, and on the design of the human-machine interface and all the aspects related to the project’s usability, accessibility and testing.

Indra’s solution provides an efficient, secure, scalable and flexible traffic management service. The innovative platform allows the vehicle operators to obtain real-time information on the service and the status of each line and vehicle, make dynamic route deviations to adapt to operational changes due to incidents or delays, and alert the drivers and passengers through automated announcements and multimedia information screens. It also provides information on the charging status of the electric vehicles and the state of the charging infrastructure to optimize energy use. It also facilitates maintenance tasks.

Indra has a unique track record in the transport industry, with over 2,500 projects completed in more than 50 countries. Its smart technology manages more than 15,000 buses for more than 100 operators all over the world. 

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