Kidnapped Palestinian Engineer, Abusisi, Appeals For Freedom – OpEd


Like Martin Luther King Letter from Birmingham Jail and Oscar Wilde’s Ballad of Reading Gaol, Dirar Abusisi has written an appeal to the world concerning his continued detention without trial in Israeli prisons.  The Gaza engineer kidnapped by Israel’s Mossad in collaboration with Ukrainian intelligence services, urges the world not to forget his plight and work urgently for his freedom:

All praise to Allah, and peace be upon the messenger of Allah… I am sending you those words – from a prison cell smaller than the restroom in any of your homes, trapped within the confines of four gloomy walls and iron bars – hoping that it might find a glimpse of faith or humanity in your hearts; I am certainly not reproaching Allah before you rather than blemishing the sick amongst you before Allah the All Mighty … can you even imagine the feeling of being in a confined cell which you leave for one hour a day, still being handcuffed and shackled and carrying garbage bags … seeing nobody and only seen by your warder.  Then returned to spend the rest of that day in your temporary grave, obscured from knowing whether it is day or night, Friday or a Saturday, summer or autumn except the feeling of heat or cold… deprived from seeing any of your loved ones, your own children, or your family … and not seen by anyone.

You return to your homes after this Friday prayer, meeting with your loved ones and your children contented with their presence, while many people are deprived of this very basic blessing.  The least I wish upon you is to supplicate to Allah in remembrance of us…and we only wish upon you to do what is in your capacity!?

And do you know why we wish you to do so?  Just to grant you reply when standing before Allah the Almighty on judgment day if you would be asked about your deeds towards your brothers who are (living) in graves, so you would be able to say “we used to supplicate to you regarding them, oh Allah” … giving you a feeble excuse to present before Allah the Almighty.  With a sincere heart, we fear for your wellbeing to be harmed by Allah’s wrath similar to what has happened to past nations who have forsaken our rights … and hereby I am telling your from my grave in Ashkelon: “ if you have forsaken us; Allah the Almighty is with us. And if you didn’t pray for us; we have the angels supporting us. And if you haven’t felt for us; then you should inspect your hearts to sense if it still bounding with life, we tell you all praise be to Allah then all praise be to Allah, then all praise be to Allah for His greatest blessing, and Islam is the utmost blessing of Allah.

May peace of Allah and its blessings be upon you,

Dirar Abu Sisi


This article appeared at Tikun Olam

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