Hindu Exterminationists Rage Against Canada – OpEd


On the recent visit of the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, the Indian Hindu regime and ultra conservative Hindu press, put up a deplorable show of third-world blather, bluster and anti-Sikh meltdown against Canadian ministers.

Canada was baselessly accused of supporting “Sikh Separatism,” without evidence. Canada denied these accusations as ridiculous and offensive while the Indian Hindu regime despotically demanded the Canadian government to suppress free speech of Canadian Sikhs denouncing Hindu India’s mass-murdering establishment – the fact it didn’t talk about.

The ultra-conservative Hindu press, run by rogue upper-caste Hindu businessmen of India, acts as press agent of the Indian Hindu regime- hardly journalistic by any stretch of standards. During the visit of the Canadian PM, the ultra-conservative Hindu press pandered hysterically against Canadian PM, alongwith with its sacramental anti-Sikh racism, exalting its criminal complicity with Hindu Exterminationists- a reprobate ritual they have been doing since last 70 years, discrediting their own journalistic ethics. In one example, Shivaram Vij, writing for the Washington Post from New Delhi went to the extent of claiming Sikhs as a problem. Literally!

Anti-Sikh vituperative writings by India’s Hindu press are longstanding. In 1982, Girilal Jain, the foremost anti-Sikh racist, editorialized: “De-turbaning the Sikhs,” advocating physical degradation of Sikhs while declaring Sikhs as enemies of India. Exterminationist vernacular against Sikhs by the ultra-conservative Hindu press supporting ethnic cleansing of Sikhs includes blatant misrepresentation, selective distortion and dehumanizing dispositioning of Sikhs to label Sikhs as unwanted, enemies, separatists and anti-nationalists.

Anti-Sikh Ethnic Cleansing

Murderous anti-Sikh progression in Hindu India has accrued unspeakable horrors since 1980s. In 1984, the “India Army” ethnically cleansed Sikhs under its military pogroms code-named Operation Bluestar and Woodrose on exterminationist pretexts, justifying civilian population as indiscriminate military targets-a well established fact of a war crime. Later in the year, after the assassination of Indira Gandhi by two of her Sikh bodyguards, the mass-murdering regime of Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi went on ethnic cleansing of Sikhs, with the exterminationist call of incitement to genocide, “Blood-for-Blood,” broadcasted nationally. Widespread ethnic cleansing and genocidal rape of Sikhs was premeditated.

Girilal Jain, the then editor of Times of India- in front page editorial of The Times of India blamed the “anti-national” and unwanted Sikhs for “flaming” the Hindus while remaining cold-bloodedly silent about Hindu savagery across India.

Not satisfied enough with the genocidal terrorism against Sikhs in 1984, India’s exterminationist regime, in an expedited parliamentary session, undemocratically passed 59th amendment to the constitution in 1989, taking right of life away – allowing the police and military to exterminate the “unwanted” and “anti-national” Sikhs in rural Punjab. Any Sikh falsely designated a threat to the state was disappeared, tortured, raped and “liquidated” – under Hindu India’s exterminationist laws. Sikhs endured mass disappearances, genocidal rape, torture under a decade long campaign of their ethnic cleansing.

The exterminationist colonization of India has included ethnic cleansing, state terrorism, torture and rape of Sikhs, Muslims and Dalits- not just as a policy, but as law. Inalienable and natural rights including due process, fair trial and freedom of expression are nonexistent, constitutionally- to enable political Hinduism practice its exterminationist crimes against humanity.

Exterminationism has been a genocidal practice of caste Hindus in India for centuries- with 300 million considered Untouchables, the Acchut or Pariahs, who are murdered, raped and degradated religiously under the caste system. Caste system demands extreminationist allegiance towards deprivation and derogation of human life -above any moral obligation towards humanity. For last 70 years, Hindu India’s Exterminationist regimes include a rogue gallery of mass-murderers, rapists, tyrants and international war criminals. In fact, the current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is a mass-murderer under whose regime thousands of Muslims were massacred and brutally raped in the State of Gujarat. Narendra Modi is a longtime member of the Hindu Supremacist organization, the RSS- the ultra-racist wing of Hindu Nationalism, based upon blood purity of Hindu caste system, a shared value of the Nazism.

India’s caste exterminationist regimes rule ruthlessly, defying natural rights and democratic consent- governing illegitimately under international and natural law. The ongoing exterminationist cleansing of Indian minorities threatens the moral nature of the entire humanity and international law, requiring civilized international community to condemn and resist it- even more so now than before. Canada and its leaders will surely face an unattractive reality of having relations with murderous regime of Hindu Exterminationists, while standing up for international law. However, the international law and the civilized world needs to denounce the exterminationist caste system, the biggest exterminationist program against humanity- a crime against humanity.

Harmeet Singh

Harmeet Singh is a contributor to Eurasia Review and a Scientist living in Chicago, IL

2 thoughts on “Hindu Exterminationists Rage Against Canada – OpEd

  • March 12, 2018 at 5:35 am

    Very brilliantly written this is called unbiased journalism something that most of the major media would unfortunately shy away from

  • March 12, 2018 at 2:28 pm

    This article offers a poignant reminder of the current state of human rights in the world’s so-called largest democracy. How can anyone be safe in any nation supported by ‘rogue’ factions hell bent on eliminating what are supposed to be its own citizens?


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