UN Forum Seeks To Advance Sustainable Transport Development In Asia And The Pacific


High-level government officials and leaders in the transport sector are set to convene next week in Bangkok to discuss efficient and resilient transport and logistics networks and mobility for economic growth, environmentally sustainable transport systems and services, as well as safe and inclusive transport.

The seventh session of the Committee on Transport will also provide further guidance on future activities in support of the implementation of the Regional Action Programme for Sustainable Transport Development in Asia and the Pacific (2022-2026), a roadmap for ensuring transport systems are sustainable and connected.

Among other actions, the Committee is expected to endorse the Regional Plan of Action for Asia and the Pacific for the Second Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030 to tackle the persistent issue of traffic deaths and injuries in the region. It is also expected to endorse the ten guiding principles on sustainable freight transport in Asia and the Pacific in order to raise the sustainability of freight transport.

The Committee will also explore strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector and accelerate the transition to electric mobility in public transport.

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