Moroccan Monarch Embarks On Historic Visit To East Africa – OpEd


King Mohammed VI embarked Tuesday on an historic visit to East Africa , seeking to strengthen relations and thus carry on Morocco’s commitment to further boost solid relations with many African countries.

The Moroccan monarch will visit Rwanda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. The king’s visit will be his first since his ascension to the throne.

Morocco sees important diplomatic potential in African nations which will become powerful allies and strong economic partners.

The trip comes at a time when Morocco has launched a considerable number of construction, education and business agreements with many Sub Saharan and West African countries to strengthen economic ties and cooperation. Certainly progress is evident. Government representatives and businessmen accompanying King Mohammed on this trip are expected to put the finishing touches to bilateral investment treaties with their partners. This will provide legal certainty and a reliable investment framework for dealmakers from both countries

Morocco will continue to be present in Africa and reinforce south-south cooperation to contribute to the development of the African continent. Committed defender of African integration, Morocco is an regional economic and financial hub, a hotspot for international investment in Africa. But South-South dialogue isn’t enough in itself. African development can only prosper with a triangular co-operation model, North-South-South.

Morocco is strengthening its political, economic and spiritual presence in Africa. This royal vision will certainly contribute efficiently to a stable and prosperous africa that will become more and more economically attractive to foreign investors.

Morocco’ s political influence is growing and so is the trust of the states it is working with. The kingdom keeps defending African’s cause, either directly, thanks to its participation in different operations to maintain peace or either indirectly, supporting, in all of the international summits, sustained efforts for human and social development in the whole continent.

Morocco also relies on its spiritual diplomacy. King Mohammed VI in his capacity as Commander of the Faithful, agreed to official requests made by African countries to benefit from religious training and cooperation.

Morocco has taken an engagement not just on security issues in Africa, but on environmental issues, economic issues, social issues and education issues. The move to strengthen ties with the EAC is viewed as part of a policy by King Mohammed VI where he pledged his country’s commitment to forging stronger relations with the region. The main objective of this Royal visit is to continue building bridges on the basis of mutual respect and appreciation.

Said Temsamani

Said Temsamani is a Moroccan political observer and consultant, who follows events in his country and across North Africa. He is a member of Washington Press Club.

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