Pakistan Minister Asks Taliban To Surrender Arms


A Pakistani Minister Saturday asked Taliban militants to surrender arms and supply children with pens and books, instead of preparing them for suicide attacks.

Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik talking to newsmen in Mirpur city of Kashmir asked Taliban militants to surrender by disarming themselves and refrain from playing into the hands of the enemy.

He said the government has taken different steps to check tendencies of extremism and terrorism in the country, adding, “We want the youth of Pakistan to carry book and pen instead of the suicide jackets”.

However, said the minister further, suicide attacks in the country have reduced considerably and law and order has improved to a great extent. After relentless efforts of the law enforcing agencies, added the minister, the terrorism has been brought under control.

The Minister said efforts are being made to eliminate extremism and terrorism not only from the country but in the region as well.

He reiterated the government’s resolve to take all political parties along while dealing major national issues in the national interest.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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