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Sudan: Police Ordered To Stop Anti-Government Protests


Several hundreds of people took part in anti-government demonstrations in Khartoum Saturday as protests against a proposed public spending cuts are entering their second week in Sudan. Sudanese police was ordered to “immediately” stop the demonstrations, which have being held in the capital for several days.

“Under the law, the police send forces to immediately stop the demonstrations and unrest,” reported the Sudanese Information Center, a media organization linked to the state.

Security forces have used tear gas and batons to disperse the rallies that were held in several districts of Khartoum. In the center of the capital, about 200 protesters threw stones at police.

The protest movement has spread beyond the circles of students who have initiated new demonstrations against austerity measures declared by the government.

Last Monday, President Omar Hassan al-Bashir announced the cut of fuel subsidies, downsizing the public service sector as well as imposing higher taxes on consumer goods, banking and import products in order to try to decrease the budget deficit.

Sudan is facing a surge in food prices and a weakening of its currency since the secession of South Sudan, in July 2011, which deprived it of much of its oil revenues.

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