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Yemeni President Says No More Concessions


Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Wednesday said that he “would not offer more concessions” and “fight those who threaten the security and stability of the country.” He also and reiterated his readiness to sign a transfer of power deal within the framework of a dialogue. Saleh said to media representatives Yemen “would not be drawn into a civil war,” despite renewed clashes between government forces and supporters of tribal leader Sheikh Sadiq Ahmar.


The Yemeni president said “what happened was a provocative act to drag Yemen into a civil war, but this is limited to the sons of al Ahmar. They will be responsible for shedding the blood of innocent civilians.”

“Until this moment, the Ministry of the Interior was attacked, but I do not want to expand the scope of the clashes.” He also warned that Al Qaeda “has stepped up attacks in Yemen since the start of the protests.”

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