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Iraq PM: Bahrain Crisis Could Lead To Regional Sectarian War


Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has said the nature and background of the demonstrations that took place in Bahrain are different from those in Egypt or in Libya, warning that the events in Bahrain could spark a sectarian war in the region.


Maliki said in an interview with the BBC television that the situation is “in Bahrain differs from Libya and Egypt.”


“In Egypt and Libya, the issue is not sectarian, but in Bahrain it has become the case between Sunnis and Shiites.”

Maliki, a Shi’ite, said himself said “the entry of troops from Arab Sunni countries to Bahrain has put forth the case as Sunnis versus Shiite.”

This is the first time, Maliki commented publicly on the events in Bahrain.

Earlier this month, Maliki’s office quoted him as saying that the entry of Saudi forces to Bahrain “will contribute to the complexity of the situation in the region.”


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