South Africa Wants To Pull Out Of ICC After Putin Arrest Warrant


By Kate Bartlett

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has said the country will quit the International Criminal Court, which in March issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Ramaphosa made the comments at a joint press conference with visiting Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinisto.

Ramaphosa said there had long been a feeling in the governing African National Congress that the ICC treats certain countries unfairly, likely referring to the fact that many African leaders have been brought before the court in The Hague, Netherlands.

“Our view is that we would like this matter of unfair treatment to be properly discussed,” Ramaphosa said, “but in the meantime, the governing party has decided once again that there should be a pullout, so that will be a matter that will be taken forward.”

The ANC wanted to pull out of the court some years ago but was prevented from doing so by a South African court that found the move unconstitutional.

Recently, the ICC issued an arrest warrant for Putin over alleged war crimes in Ukraine.

Putin has been invited to a meeting of the BRICS group of emerging nations in August in Johannesburg. BRICS nations include Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

The ANC is a staunch friend of Moscow and has refused to condemn the invasion of Ukraine.

If he does attend, as a signatory to the ICC, South Africa is obliged to arrest him.

However, Pretoria refused to arrest former Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir when he visited in 2015, despite an ICC arrest warrant out for him.


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