US Studying Russian Revolt, Focused On Supporting Ukraine


By Jim Garamone

The U.S. remains laser-focused on supporting Ukraine’s defense, sovereignty and territorial integrity, said President Joe Biden, Monday, at the White House.

Biden said that as the Wagner Revolt took place in Russia, he directed his national security team to monitor the situation closely and make hourly reports to him.

“I instructed them to prepare for a range of scenarios,” he said.

Biden also reached out to allies via Zoom.

“It’s critical that we’re coordinated in our response and coordinating what we anticipate,” he said.

The president said the allies agreed to not give Russian President Vladimir Putin an excuse to blame the coup on the U.S. or NATO.

“We made clear, that we are not involved,” Biden said. “We had nothing to do with it. This was part of a struggle within the Russian system.”

Biden also called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to assure him of U.S. commitment to his country.

“He and I agreed to follow up and stay in constant contact,” Biden said. “I’m also in constant contact with our allies, to maintain our coordination.”

Biden said his national security team will continue to examine the situation in Russia.

“We’re going to keep assessing the fallout of this weekend’s events and the implications from Russia and Ukraine,” he said. “But it’s still too early to reach a definitive conclusion about where this is going.”

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