Saudi Arabia Says 27,264 ‘Infiltrators’ Arrested In 2016


By Mohammed Al-Sulami

The number of arrested infiltrators into Saudi Arabia reached 27,264 in 2016 and 3,554 weapons were confiscated during the same period, the Interior Ministry announced at a press conference about the work of border guards.

The ministry’s security spokesman Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki praised the guards for their work and said it includes many tasks and responsibilities.

During the conference, the ministry reviewed a statistical report on the implementation of the guards’ tasks. The number of cases of infiltration attempts intercepted reached 2,779, while the attempts intercepted outside the Kingdom reached 580.

Director of the Department of Statistics at the General Directorate of Border Guards Brig. Gen. Mohammed Al-Qahtani said most of the infiltrators outside the Kingdom are wanted on security or criminal charges.

“Most infiltrators are included in the blacklist; there were 6,447 smuggling cases and 4,656 smugglers were seized.”

Al-Qahtani revealed the seizure of more than 18 million narcotic pills, 80 percent of them in Tabuk. More than 22 tons of hashish was seized, in addition to thousands of weapons, many of them heavy.

On a separate note, border guards in Tabuk foiled an attempt to smuggle 745,000 amphetamine tablets in Saudi waters near the Haql beaches.

Border guards’ spokesman Col. Saher bin Mohammed Al-Harbi said marine patrols intercepted a boat that had tried to flee to Egyptian waters. Two Egyptians on board were arrested and the amphetamines (Captagon) were found.

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