Norway: Breivik Used eBay To Prepare Deadly Attacks


Anders Behring Breivik, who has confessed to carrying out two deadly terror attacks in Norway, reportedly bought the equipment and materials needed to carry them out via the popular shopping site eBay.

According to a report by the Sunday Telegraph newspaper, which investigated the history of Anders Breivik’s eBay purchases, the suspected terrorist bought 500 grams of sulphur powder from a trader in north London.

Breivik said that he used sulphur to produce the chemical DDNP, which acts as a primary charge, igniting the main charge in his hand-made bomb. The alleged terrorist said he was worried that customs would seize the parcel and report it to the authorities, “but it appears this didn’t happen.”

A middleman who sold sulphur to Breivik said he was shocked to discover how the powder was used. Sulphur can be distributed legally as it has a number of perfectly peaceful purposes, in aquarium filters and horticulture.

However, Breivik’s eBay purchases were not restricted to sulphur, the newspaper reports. Through the website, he also bought equipment which was used to produce poison-tipped bullets. This included a drill press vice which Breivik bought from the British company Tool Timez for just 12 pounds, a 3M full-face respirator with filters for 130 dollars, and a protective suit which he wore to mix chemicals for the fertilizer–based bomb.

None of the Breivik’s online purchases were monitored either by the British or Norwegian authorities, even though he had already been placed on a watch list in Norway for buying large amounts of fertilizer from a supplier, the newspaper reports.

In his 1,500-page manifesto, a virtual manual on planning a mass murder, which Anders Behring Breivik published online shortly before the attacks, the alleged terrorist praised eBay as “friend”.

The Sunday Telegraph alleges that Breivik could possibly have run his purchases though eBay on different user names and a full scope of his activities has yet to be uncovered.

Last week it became known that Breivik had also bought 32 liters of nitro fuel to assist his bomb-making from two Norwegian online stores.

His other online purchases included a tactical rifle foregrip from Hong Kong, a zoom spotting scope from China and a LaserLyte pistol bayonet from the USA.

The newspaper has handed over all the information it uncovered to Scotland Yard.

77 people were killed in the double terror attack which hit Norway on July 22. One attack involved bombing the government compound in Oslo, while the targeted a youth camp run by Norway’s Labor Party on Utoya Island just outside the capital.

Anders Behring Breivik, 32, who stood trial on July 25, admitted his guilt but refused to recognize his actions as criminal. Breivik, who dubbed his attacks “horrible” but “necessary”, is currently in detention and is denied any contacts or correspondence with the outside world.

Recent media reports suggest that Breivik was initially planning to detonate several bombs in central Oslo, including in the royal palace and the Labor Party’s headquarters, but is said to have failed to produce explosives on time.


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